Top 5 Portable Shower Tent For Camping

Over the years camping activities have increased around the world. Most people like spending their summer holidays in camps where they can meet new people and share new ideas about life. Camping experience has always been a wonderful experience that most people look forward to at any time in their life. Despite these mind blowing experience in holiday camps, there is always a challenge that is peculiar with most holiday camps around the world. This challenge is the privacy of campers when it comes to changing their wares and taking their bath. In view of this challenge, creative and innovative companies come up with solutions to combat this challenge. Thus the emergence of various portable tents ranging from portable dressing tent, privacy portable fitting room tent and portable shower tent.

The portable shower tent is popular among campers because it can serve as dressing tent as well as a shower tent. It is very cheap, portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. It is indeed the best portable camping tent.

Below are the top 5 portable shower tents for camping:

  • Wolfwise Pop-up Shower Tent: Wolfwise Pop-up shower tent is a popular shower tent among campers. It is designed to make holidays camping more interesting and conducive for campers who desire privacy and convenience when taking their bath.  It is waterproof polyester that is designed with opaque features thereby providing full privacy to users. Inside the tent is always clean this is due to the fact that there is no bottom design. It is easy to access because it has a zipper door also it is well ventilated as there is a small zipper window.  The most amazing part of this tent is the fact that it is rust resistant and has the flexible steel frame for the easy pop-up.

Wolfwise Pop-up shower tent

  • Ozark Trail 2 Room 7’ X 3.5’ Instant Shower: This tent shower has a removable rainfly. It is made of durable polyester/steel constructions that make it suitable for other outdoor vacation. It offers complete privacy for campers when taking their bath or changing their clothes. This is because of the fact that it is made of opaque polyester materials with silver aluminum coated wall. It is easy to set it up and has a five gallons solar heated shower. It is a perfect choice of shower tent for campers.Ozark Trail 2 Room 7’ X 3.5’ Instant Shower


  • Textport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Changing Room: This camping shower tent is a five-gallon shower tent with a mesh shower rack and a removable towel hanging bar. It has a large zipper door that makes it easily accessible to users.  It is rust resistant with mesh roof panels that provide superior ventilation.  It usually has a stake as well as carry/storage back.Textport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Changing Room
  • TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop-up Camping Tent: This is a light weighted and portable privacy tent that provides a perfect shelter for camping and other outdoor activities. It has an enclosed roof design that prevents outside critters from coming in uninvited.  It has four metal stakes that provide additional stability and security for the tent. This tent has waterproof polyester fabrics that allowed the tent to be used as a private shower.  It provides numerous functions which make it a good choice for campers who want to make their holidays camp more civil and private.
  • TMS Portable Green Outdoor Pop-up Camping Tent:
  • PahaQue Wilderness Tepee Shower with Aluminum poles: This tent proffers a perfect solution to campsite restroom, privacy, and changing room needs. It is easy to set up and not easily affected by high winds. It is very strong and has unique designs.  It is light weighted and cost effective making it a perfect choice for campers with a low budget.
  • PahaQue Wilderness Tepee Shower with Aluminum poles

With portable shower tents, campsite will be more interesting and lovely. This is because the privacy of campers can be assured.

 Wolfwise Pop-Up Shower Tent Blue

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