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WolfWise AquaBreeze A20 Instant Pop up Beach Tent Pink

Product image 1WolfWise AquaBreeze A20 UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter Instant Automatic Portable Sport Umbrella Indoor Playhouse Baby Canopy Cabana
Product image 2Wolfwise pop up beach tent comfortably fits 3-4 people or 2 regular beach chairs.
Product image 3Wolfwise pop up sun shelter provides all-day protection and 360 degree ventilation for your family on the beach.
Product image 4Wolfwise pop up beach tent is equipped with unique sandbags and 4 wind ropes to ensure stability in the windy condition.
Product image 5Wolfwise instant beach tent pops up well in seconds, no assembly required.
Product image 6Wolfwise baby beach tent is 78.74" L x 59.06" W x 53.15" H with a 42.52”front porch.
Product image 7Wolfwise portable beach shade is easy to carry and fit into the trunk of a car.

Regular price $69.99

Wolfwise easy pop up beach tent raises in seconds - no assembly required. It is lightweight, compact design so that you can carry it with ease. Be ready for any outdoor activities. Imagine the perfect day at the beach, fully protected with UPF 50+ protection. 
  • Pop-up Design with Unique Sandbags
  • UPF 50+ & Water Repellant
  • 360 Degree Full Ventilation
  • Four Sandbags with Windproof Ropes
  • Portable Compact Size When Folded
Have any problems with folding it back?
Please click here to see the NEWEST folding instruction. 99% success rate!


1. How many people can fit into the sun shelter for protection from the sun?

It is big enough for 2 adults and 2 kids, or 3 adults if your not a tall person.

2. What is the dimension of the inside bottom square of the pop up beach tent when it is closed?

The inside dimension is 78.7*51.1 in (200*130 cm) when it is closed.

3. How waterproof is it? Would it keep things dry when we have rainstorm on the beach?

It depends on how heavy it is. If it is a rainstorm, it can't work well. But it would be okay if it is light rain, and you can hide inside trustingly.

4. Can these windows be covered?

Yes, there is a flap on each window that you can roll-up for airflow or leave down to cover the sun.

5. What is the weight of this baby beach tent? Is it convenient to carry out?

It only weighs 4.2 lbs. It is very light and easy to carry everywhere. You will not have difficulty in putting it on your back.


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    Fast and easy pop up!

    I’ve been looking for a great tent to take to the beach or park with my family. This one pops up in seconds!! We tried taking a video to show how easy and fast it is to pop up, but my husband was holding the baby and it got kind of windy lol. Still, you can see how fast it is, and how we got it set up. Despite the wind, it stayed put after we put sand in the sand weight bags, and pegs. I need to figure out how to best keep sand out of the tent, but it’s otherwise really comfortable. There are window options on either side, and you can have the zip entry on one or both sides for additional airflow too. I wouldn’t say that it’s exactly easy or intuitive to fold back together, but once you get it by following the instructions, it’s fine. Be sure to tuck the top under itself... we kept forgetting that step. Once folded, It folds up and stores flat! It fit my husband, baby, me, and probably would fit another kid and adult as well. Highly recommend!

    Wolfwise  ReviewWolfwise  Review
    Elizabeth S.
    good for breezy beach days

    Look at the size of this tent! It fits me, my son, and all our gear, comfortably. Also, look at how many flaps for wind flow this has. I used it for the first time on a windy day at the beach. Having all of the flaps that can open and shut was great because the wind could blow right through the tent. This tent comes with plastic anchors and also sandbag anchors. I didn't use the sandbag anchors because I was on the grass. However it's great that they were included. I suppose I could have put rocks in them to help keep the tent stable. However, the tent handled the wind well without them. The only downside of one of pop-up tents is that if you have not opened and closed one before, you should practice doing that at home. I had no trouble closing the tent and putting it back in the case. The instructions that came with this specific pop-up tent is clear and easy to follow.

    Wolfwise  Review
    Easy to fold and assemble

    Assembling of this product is super fast and easy. Once you open it, it will have its shape and it is done. Also. It is very easy to fold it as it can be done in less than a minute. It is really light and easy to take it any where. It has enough room for 3-4 guys to stay inside. Also the package comes with some pockets that can be filled with sand in order to stabilize the tent under a windy condition. It is a nice product and I love it.

    Andy G.
    Huge and great for beach

    I got this pop up tent so we could use it when going to the beach. This tent is so lightweight, easy to carry and very simple to use! This is a must have item for beach goers that has kids. I’m so happy cause this has kept us shaded the whole time during our stay at the beach and the kids were able to rest and take a nap. It’s big enough for 2 adults and 2 kids. I like that it has 2 large openings and can be shut for privacy, so you can change your clothes inside without anybody seeing you. And my favorite part are the sandbags, it keeps the tent from moving (flying even). Wish we had this sooner cause it’s so worth it!

    Thumbs up!

    Took to the beach for a week. Came in very handy to hop inside and nurse my son. My husband took charge of set up and tear down, but he never complained and it seemed straightforward enough. Came in a round back with backpack type straps that was easy to throw on our backs and walk to the beach.

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