Wolfwise Privacy Tent

With its new pop-up design, Wolfwise Privacy Tent enclosures take up significantly less space and fold up to the thickness of a pizza. Weighing just a few pounds, it can easily be stored with your other gear.

✪Pop-up design with 4 Sandbags
✪Anti-tear 190T Water Repellant Polyester Construction
✪Ergonomic Design & Well-Ventilated
✪Versatile Use & Packed with Accessories
✪Applicable use for many situations

1. Does this tent come with mat and rain fly?
It comes with a removable rain fly, but no bottom mat included.

2. Is it possible for 2 people to change comfortably together inside of it?
Well more or less two people could get in it. But it would be tight to change. Maybe a child and adult can do it comfortably.

3. What is the dimension when folded? Is it suitable to take it in a backpack for a flight?
The folded dimension is 24.4"X24.4". You can put it easily into your suitcase or trunk.

4. Does it block wind well?
Yes, it does block the wind well. The extra four sandbags with windproof ropes fasten the tent so its not blown down by the breeze.

5. Does it come with the shower opening on top or not? How about the built quality in general?
Yes, it comes with the opening at the top. You can pull the shower hose through the top hole.