WolfWise Waterproof Pocket Blanket

  • 🏄【PREMIUM MATERIAL】- WolfWise Pocket blanket adopts premium 210T polyester, making it durable and tear resistant. A large size of 83x63 in/ 210x160 cm makes it possible for 3-4 people to lie on it without restrictions, also can accommodate 4-6 people for sitting comfortably. Excellent quality and perfect size make it suitable for family vacations and outings.
  • 🏄【SMALL SIZE & PORTABLE】- The lightweight material allows it to be easily folded into a storage bag. The folded size is 5.7 x 3.5x 2 in/ 14.5 x 9 x 5 cm and weighs only 220g. With a compact size, it can be hung on your backpack, put into your bag or stroller and doesn't take up too much space.
  • 🏄【SAND POCKETS & STAKES】- Designed with small pockets in 4 corners on the back of the blanket, they can be filled with sand or stones for reinforcement in the right places. Also, the four corners are equipped with aluminum stakes, which provide double protection and better stability.
  • 🏄【EASY CLEANING】- WolfWise beach mat is covered with a waterproof coating on the surface that keeps you and your equipment dry. With quick-dry feature of the fabric, it’s easy to clean. Also, you can shake off or wipe dirt easily.
  • 🏄【WIDE RANGE IN USE】- Due to its ultra-small size, it can be easily put into pockets, backpacks, picnic baskets or strollers. Ideal for picnics, family outings, hiking, sporting events, open air festivals, camping, hiking, beach vacations, fishing or other outdoor activities. Can be used as a picnic mat or a tent cloth.

📷 Compact enough to carry in your pocket. 
📷 Waterproof and sand-proof, easy to clean. 
📷 Breathable and super fast drying. 
📷 Lightweight, easy to be folded in storage bag. 
📷 Four sand pockets in each corner to help weigh it down in windy conditions. 
📷 Perfect for Travel, Hiking, Camping, Festival, Sports, Music Festivals. 
📷 The picnic blanket was designed to fit 2 person comfortably, and it can accommodate up to 4.

🐳 160x140 cm - black 🐳 Materials: 210T Polyester
Weight: 160g / 0.35lb
Unfolded dimensions: 63x55 in/ 160x140 cm 
Folded dimensions: 4.5x3.2x1.8 in/ 11.5x8x4.5 cm
Color: Black & Red

🐳 210x160 cm - blue 🐳 Materials: 210T Polyester
Weight: 220g/ 0.48lb
Unfolded dimensions: 83x63 in/ 210x160 cm 
Folded dimensions: 5.7 x 3.5x 2 in/ 14.5 x 9 x 5 cm
Color: Blue & Gray

- It’s recommended to wash it with cold water by hands, then dry it. 
- Do not use bleach or fabric softener, use mild detergent.
- Make sure there are no sharp objects such as stones or branches under the beach mat to prevent accidental injury or damage before use.

Package Content: 
🎁 WolfWise Pocket Blanket x 1