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From Humble Beginnings

We started back in 2014, but back then we did not have a plan. We wanted to help families and friends like you get outside of your home and chase your dreams. As time passed, we realised our passion to build outdoor gear helped us make a team that set out on the most amazing adventures. From the sandy coast lines of Baicheng beach to the ravenous mountains of Xiamen. We knew that if we were having such a great time, so could you. And that's when Wolfwise started its journey.

Wolfwise-brand owners

Mark Reynolds - Mark started off as a tour guide in Beijing. This was the one job where he had to be overly confident everyday of his life to make a living. By explaining to tourists about scenic and historic spots, his smile never faded from his face 18 hours a day. So here he is today with us, always so confident before even listening to our plans. That very nature strikes a sense of positivity into the team. With an outgoing nature, and a warm and friendly personality, Mark is the spirit of positivity in the team.

Wolfwise brand owner-Mark

Christopher- With 5 years as a Perfumer for one of the most renowned perfume brands in the world, Christopher comes with profound experience in understanding human behavior. An avid traveler, he owns a helicopter that he used to travel around the world in 96 days last year. We all call him a 'picky man' because he is never satisfied with whatever we throw in front of him. A very hard nut shell to crack, Christopher is the reason why we have the most outstanding materials on our products. We think he can even sniff out a bad fabric from a good one. Isn't that a superpower?

Wolfwise brand owner-Christopher

Jasmin - As a former ballet dancer, Jasmin follows a strong sense of hierarchy that comes with years of extensive training. Another perfectionist, Jasmin has a bold and daring personality that provides a guiding stone to the team to push their limits far and beyond. If our products exude a sense of charm and beauty, then it's all coming in from the lady herself. With an eye for attention and detail, Jasmin believes that every Wolfwise product is a display of quality and reliability. And this is evident today with the distinctive quality of Wolfwise outdoor gear. 

Wolfwise-about us

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